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Milena Zaremba
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Współpraca: Szortal

Raczkująca ilustratorka zakochana po uszy w ołówkach i kredkach. Nastawiona na babskie rysunki pełne koronek, kwiatków, siateczek i loków. Zazwyczaj rysująca totalnie inne rzeczy, do tej pory nie pojmuje, czemu to tak wyszło.

Wiecznie bez miejsca na nowe książki, za to z nowymi książkami. Zadeklarowana porabiaczka wszystkiego, co mało przydatne lecz przyjemne, z wrodzonym zamiłowaniem do administrowania grup. Z własnej, nieprzymuszonej woli i będąc w pełni władz umysłowych wolontariuszka. Naturalny wróg białej czekolady i potwór bez dna, gdy chodzi o herbatę i makaron. Zazwyczaj ta jedyna w sukience, z czymś fioletowym - nie ma zmiłuj. Kobieca także pod względem potoku słów. Doświadczony podróżnik kolejowy, pracuje jednak jako lektorka języka angielskiego i chciałaby kiedyś coś przetłumaczyć. Ale może prędzej wyda własną książkę.

Tolerancyjna, lecz sarkastyczna, pewna siebie marzycielka, która wejdzie oknem, gdy zamkną jej drzwi przed nosem. Ale tylko tam, gdzie jej zależy - zbyt dumna, by prosić. Szlachcianka z herbem (przepraszam, musiałam) i zdolnością śmiania się z samej siebie - i oby nie było to jedyne, co jej zostanie na starość.

Marzy o własnej księgarni połączonej z kawiarenką i sklepem z grami 'bez prądu' oraz zdolności zakrzywiania czasoprzestrzeni.


September Abitryss [get the magazine!] by Milena-Zaremba
September Abitryss [get the magazine!]

September cover artwork for Szortal Na Wynos magazine.
It's my OC Abitryss. She generally doesn't have horns but... I don't know cx

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Wheeee the magazine is out, free download for everyone! Just clik 


Media: old no-name watercolours, Spectrum water pencils, Kon-i-Noor Mondeluz watercolour pencils, Artiste watercolor dual tip markers, no-name acrylic paints

Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix 
Even the shortest "nice"means a lot to me!


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Featured in: Miedzynarodowy Dzien Koronki + Wystawa #13!


Tagback, internationally this time because stuff

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 15, 2015, 8:55 AM
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: TWILIGHT FORCE
  • Reading: A. Pilipiuk "Reputacja"
  • Watching: Flight tracking I FEEL LONELY
  • Drinking: TEA /ok, and some coffee, ok...

:iconmadblackie: tagged me back, though I'm allowed to ommit making my own questionnaire and friend-tagging. Only answers this time. Please take a look at the bottom of the entry, there's a link to her commissions and some info about the jewelry Asia crafts. I'm a good girl, I always feature some wors of those who tag me. Now everyone will cx

  1.       What superpower would you choose if you were a mutant? I not? :< 
I could fly and would try as high and as low as possible, gliding on the hillsides and chasing my shadow on the grass in the meadows. 

    2.       It's zombie apocalypse, you're running away and can take only three things from your room with you. Which ones do you take?

"Zombie Survival" by Max Brooks, I've never read it so ha! finally, a good occasion to do so. It's not mine but my BF's, I feel some unexplainable hatred towards this book o_O
A good knife, I guess Michał has some Survival Knife +1 as well. Sanest way to live your life is never buy stuff but know who has what and where lol
A coat because I'm prone to catching cold *sneeze*

I've just realized I would leave my kitty behind and feel terrible because of this. Her meowing would reveal our posistion, plus she would never have chances of making it in the forest. She would be much safer in our flat. All zombies are cordially invited on the fifth floor, there's no elevator at our place. Optimistically, they would give up somewere around the second floor. I pity all the delivery guys, they mark their way back with sweat and tears of sorrow.

    3.       Most hated body part to draw?

Feet. They're impossible to draw. So I don't draw them, pure genius! :heart:

    4.       You can make the whole world recognize the worls of one artist. Whom do you choose?


September Abitryss by Milena-Zaremba Winter Queen by Milena-Zaremba Angels in the snow by Milena-Zaremba Luthien by Milena-Zaremba The witch's daughter by Milena-Zaremba Norrei by Milena-Zaremba Ivette by Milena-Zaremba

    5.       Is there any band that you listen to because your parents did? What band is it?

My parents are normal people, they don't listen to metal. Sometimes my mom gets tricked  by all those piano intros or violin solos but my dad is on a higher level. But there are many bands that I listen to thanks to my little brother, I get messages tagged 'you'll like it' on a regular basis C:

Jocke with Charisma maxed out C: Yup, at first I thought the costumes look funny, NOW I WANT ONE. IT'S A SERIOUS BUSINESS.
Jocke by Milena-Zaremba

6.       Who's your favourite vampire? Why do you like them?

Definately not Edward *badum tss*. I'm not into vampires, I couldn't care less about them. But I know a few people who aren't vampires but I'd gladly get bitten anyway*

*99,9% of the readers will now think it's either my BF or Jocke, I bet.

    7.       You can choose one actor to attend you at a family meeting. Whom do you choose and why?

Josh Holloway because look at him, next question?

    8.       What music do you listen to when you draw? Or maybe you don't?

POWER METAL! Metal. All-metal. Metal and choirs, metal and violins. Music always has a great impact on me phisically. Goosebumps are nothing, I feel seriously tired ("Sad-eyed Lady of the Looooooooooowlands") or drowzy ("9 million bicycles") when I listen to some tunes and I try to avoid them. Sad melodies make me cry, I love Nightwish (#OnlyTarjaNightwish) and Kajiura Yuki but only listen to them on the rainy days, otherwise I would spend my life in tears. Maybe it's something for medical treatment, I don't care, I like it as it is. I just need some music that reflects my personality and gives me motivation not only to draw but to believe in myself. I know how it sounds but it's true cx

In case someone someone missed it, here are some links to the songs, they're all on my favourite playlist:
DragonForce ❤  Ensiferum Korpiklaani Wisdom Stratovarius ❤ Orden Ogan   WinterStorm
Freedom Call Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Finntroll Amon Amarth Pentakill (I know, I know)
And so many others D: I like interesting combos like, say, Wagakki Band or even... BabyMetal cx No, really.

    9.       Best 90s TV series?

    10.   If you could becaome one of your OCs, which one would you choose?

Abitryss by Milena-Zaremba
She's the only one I have, my best creation ever. Meet Abitryss.

    11.   What film is your first pick for a Friday night with popcorn and friends?

Music videos. Every Friday we go karaoke in a pub and there's that TV on the wall with some shitty music station but it's muted all the time (so why.....?) and we have lots of fun listening to people sing and watching the clips. They usually match so sweet we giggle all the time cx I highly recommend it cx

    12.   Angel or Spike?

Angel. Cute and voiceless!

    13.   What's your top source for refs for your artworks?

I usually don't use refs. But when I do, I look at myself (especially for hands) and my primary choice for poses refs is (you guessed that) Google cx

May the Force be with you! 

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